Wearing Explorer Armor.

The Adventurer is the start hero you get at the start of the game. The Adventurer is all about speed. The Adventurer's attack speed is the highest of all the jobs and so the Adventurer deals a lot of damage quickly. Adventurers are melee units, so they can only hit enemies in the front of the pack.

Level Requirements

Adventurer's Pub - Level Cap L12

Adventurer's Tavern - Level Cap L18

Adventurer's Lodge - Level Cap L24

Adventurer's Roadhouse - Level Cap L30

The Taproom


Starting Sword - Weapon Shop

Scrapper Set - Adventurer's Pub

Explorer Set - Adventurer's Tavern

Sneak Set - Adventurer's Lodge

Prospector Set - Adventurer's Lodge

Dandy Set - Adventurer's Roadhouse

Shadower Set - The Taproom


Skill Level Required What it does
Melee Level 1 Basic attack can only target enemies in front.
Scavenge Level 3 Melee attach that grants 2x resources.
First Attack Level 5 Hitting an enemy with full Hp deals 30% extra damage.
Pickpocket Level 10 Melee attack that grants 2x items.
Scavenge II Level 13 Melee attack that grants 3x resources.
Fancy Flurry Level 16 Melee attack that gains 12 more attack power for every exclusive hit on the same target.
First Attack 2 Level 18 Hitting an enemy with full HP deals 50% extra damage.