The Archery is a the only Her o that can target any enemy on the screen independently. Their bows can do devestating damage

Archer Huntergear

Archer wearing Hunter Gear

to Archer Type Enemswerblyderbly ype Enemies. They can also do select magic type damage as well, which is important for those tough Tower Fights around L16+



Archer's Tree House - Level Cap 12


Tree Fort - Level Cap 18


Trapper Set - Archer Tree House

Hunter Set - Archer

Tree Fort

Level Requirement What it does
Level 1
Startskill ranged
Level 5
L5 Archer Thermobolt
Level 8
L8 Archer Ricochet
Level XX Chembolt
Level XX Elecbolt
Level XX Thermobolt II
Level XX Chembolt II
Level 22 Ricochet II
Level 25 Elecbolt II