Wearing the Knight Set

The Knight is the backbone of any any Party. They can Dish out a bit more damage then the Adventurer but what really sells them is that they have abiltiy [Life Steal] which they get at Level 6. This skill allows them to heal themselves with every hit, or if you are more of a defensive player the Knight can service that purpose as well. At Level 10 they get [Spiked Armor] and placed at the front of the party they can take the damage and reflect some of it back to the enemies.

Note: I suggest all attacking Hero's you use, level their Knight job to at least this stage, it's a huge help!

Building Requirements:

Knights Outpost - Level Cap 12

Knights Fort - Level Cap 18


Dreadnought set - Knights Outpost

Knight Set - Knights Fort


Level Requirements What it does
Level 1
Startskill Melee
Level 6
L6 Knight a LifeSteal
Level 8
L8 Knight Sacrifice
Level 10
L10 Knight a SpikedArmor

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