Wearing the Wizard outfit

The Wizard is the only Hero that can hit every enemey on the screen. However due to their lack of actually power, they are sometimes a little unuseable. Around L18 they get up to 15 points of daamge which is great for lower parts of the tower but higher up, it can get a little hard. However, once you have the Elite Mad Sci gear, they become very powerful!

Building Requirements:

Wizards Tower - Level Cap 12

Wizards Study - Level Cap 18


Spell Slinger Set - Wizards Tower

Mad Scientist Set - Wizards Study


Level Requirement What it does
Level 1
Wizardstartskill magicblast
Level 5
Level 7
Wizard l7 ability MagicUp
Level 9
L9 Wizard Inferno
Level 12
L12 Wizard ShockwaveJ

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