Wearing the Cleric Armor

What is missing from any party? A Healer, well fear not the Cleric is here. The Cleric the healing class of the game but that is not all, they also do mini-buffs and support skills as well for example Haste which will increase the rate your Hero's will attack.

Building Requirements:

Clerics Abbey - Level Cap 12

Clerics Chapel - Level Cap 18


Holy Set - Clerics Abbey

Friar Set - Clerics Chapel


Skill Level Requirement What it does
Heal Level 1 Heals target for 40% of magic power.
Regen Level 5 Regenerates 4HP per turn.
Haste Level 8 Increase target speed by 2+2% of magic power, effect dimishes on recast.
Heal II Level 10 Heals target for 10+45% of magic power.
Regen II Level XX Regenerates 8HP per turn.
Haste II Level 17 Increase target speed by 4+4% of magic power, effect dimishes on recast.
Regen III Level 22 Regenerates 14HP per turn.