Wearing the Wizard outfit

The Wizard is the only Hero that can hit every enemey on the screen. However due to their lack of actually power, they are sometimes a little unuseable. Around L18 they get up to 15 points of damage, which is great for lower parts of the tower but higher up, it can get a little hard. However, once you have the Elite Mad Scientist gear, they become very powerful!

Building Requirements:

Wizard's Tower - Level Cap 12

Wizard's Study - Level Cap 18

Wizard's Library - Level Cap 24


Spell Slinger Set - Wizard's Tower

Mad Scientist Set - Wizard's Study

Magician Set - Wizard's Library

Savant Set - Wizard's Library


Level Requirement What it does
Level 1
Wizardstartskill magicblast
Level 5
Level 7
Wizard l7 ability MagicUp
Level 9
L9 Wizard Inferno
Level 12
L12 Wizard ShockwaveJ
Level XX
Bio Blast II
Level 18
Magic UP II
Level 21
Chance UP II
Level 24
Inferno II
Level 28
Shock Wave II